Canal Enthusiasts’ Stories

various enthusiasts encountered along the canal or at the Cotswold Canal Trust centre at Wallbridge.

MikeTomkins900 Mike
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1 Cinemas of Stroud and……. he witnessed that Ritz fire 3:09
2 Shops & milk delivery in Rodborough in the early 50’s 2:14
3 Schools in Rodborough and Church St – early 50’s 1:27
4 A strange character – The Mayor of Gloucester Street. 0:37  
5 Audrey Butts, Dance School & coffee at the Flamingo afterwards. 1:01
6 Mike’s apprenticeship involved taking pub signs for painting to the brewery at Wallbridge. 1:15  
7 Mike working as a brickie for Lusty’s the builders. 1:36
anonymousM Julian
1 unofficial inspection of the Sapperton Rail Tunnels on the day of a Rail strike. 1:16
2 Brewery smells that pervaded the air as you stepped off the train. 0:29
3 The Banker loco in Stroud station that was used as a pusher to help the train get up to Sapperton. 1:05
4 unofficial car trials up the dirt track past the W in Amberley. 0:44
MartinHyde Martin
1 official dumping rubble in the canal and the joy when he was told to stop doing it. 1:38
2 mending all the pot-holes in the roads – history repeats itself! 1:00
3 living in a wooden house at Whiteway. The housename was changed to Tin Penny Cottage. 0:21
4 Spooky tale- it just Ghosts to Show!. His wife remembers only the sound of horse’s hooves in the dead of night, and a child’s cry the next night. Near the Ryeford double lock. 1:59
anonymousF Anonymous
1 Dorcas Juggins – her donkey & cart, baker Prothero from Miserden and the Sunshine Health Shop. 0:58
2 George Juggins the fireman on his bike, wearing a bowler. 0:16
3 Schooldays; junior in Chalford and senior high plus teachers remembered. 1:08
4 Scottish schools and discipline. And what she did to avoid the ” strap”. 0:57
5 The local policeman and what was done to get food in the post war austerity. Plus making a bit of money from the excess production. 1:25
6 Her uncle was a farmer which brought a few benefits to a young girl. 1:07
7 Aunty Marion runs the local Chalford shop and – well health & safety was not what it is now! 1:22
8 The vicar doubles as a chemistry teacher. He had a certain chemistry it would appear. 0:52
9 Working as a lab technician at Marling School. 0:28
JohnClissold John
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1 John, as a small boy, is intrigued by the Dam Busters and tries a re-enactment! 1:56  
2 Ringing the Angelus Bell at school 1:03  
3 John’s mother pumping the church organ, or not as the case may be. 1:46  
4 John explains what a “snob” is …… 0:48  
5 The Bourne Pike, a fishy tail, a long one. 2:02  
6 Ozzie Clark and the bargee 0:42
7 John remembers seeing the nameplate on Bridgend swing bridge bearing the name of Daniels. 0:08
8 explaining – “thee be mixing sugar with sand” 1:45
8 throwing stones at swans on the canal and being told-off by train drivers 0:56
10 Archie the banker engine driver and the sound of the loco reversing. 1:58
11 the railcar 1:05
12 John, as a choir boy in Bussage church 1:22
13 how he prepared the incense burner for Bussage church 1:13
14 territorial disputes with young boys along the canal 1:13
15 what is Ag Pag Pie? 0:42
16 Pig Face Sandwich Day in Avening. 1:42
17 John remembers Hill Paul – or the girls therein more accurately! 0:21
18 lodging with Miss Hawkins & Miss Hawkins, spinsters of this parish 2:00
19 what they told him about Standish Hospital & wounded soldiers 0:25
20 the Sperry toilet rat and the shock of finding it at the wrong moment 0:55
21 apprentices at Wallers and the tricks they played. You can’t do this at home! 1:01
22 carol singing as a lad in Brownshill and Chalford. 1:36
23 George and Dorcas Juggins, a sad tale. 1:44
Anonymous 2 (narrated
by the
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1 as a young boy playing in the derelict Stonehouse brickworks 0:32
2 remembering Kings Stanley even as an younger boy 0:33
3 his relatives and their trades. 0:33
4 his father was a carpenter repairing mills & swing bridges. 0:31
5 various transport memories and the aroma of the Brewery on brewing day. 0:38
ChristineMauler Christine Mauler
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1 living in the Ship Inn and what Brimscombe Port was like in the 50’s 1:37
2 remembering Brownshill School & Stroud Girls School 0:27
3 job in Cheltenham & the railway stations on the Cotswold line 1:26
4 the Ship Inn and one of its regulars with an odd lunch combination. 2:00
anonymousM George Mills’ son
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1 George Mills, proprietor of Central Garage, Chalford. & George & Dorcas – vague memories. 1:21
2 George Mills’ son, school days at Sibley & Wycliffe. 1:17
RobEly Rob Ely
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1 Rob talking about his schools plus Stroud brewery. 0:52
2 collecting elderberries along the canal at Capel’s Mill. 0:30
3 George Juggins with two push-bikes. 1:18
4 the Dudbridge Donkey & the Brimscombe Banker, the train drivers & signalmen. 2:03
Bob is a keen Video Documenter of Stroud events and townscape, and was member 57 of the Cotswold Canal Trust
BobPaget Bob Paget
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1 update coming soon. 0:00
TonyBoats Tony Jones
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1 on his home-made punt on the Stroudwater with his mates and their boats. Tony remembers the lengthsman – Admiral Pocket. 1:23
anonymousM Anonymous
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1 the Dudbridge Donkey meets the wrong kind of frost. & the last steam train delivering coal to the gas works. 0:00
anonymousF Anonymous
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1 when her great Uncle realised there was a grounded boat in Sapperton Tunnel. 1:32
MartinDanks Martin
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1 Martin’s ancestors were canal carriers, maybe to Brimscombe. 2:11
2 more recent ancestors part of the Severn and Canal Company, some their boats ended their days as Purton Hulks. Uncle lived in Michinhampton 0:48
3 recent ancestors with an office in Gloucester Docks. 1:31
anonymousM David
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1 David & brother Tony remember family day trips here, and Stroud beer. 1:40
anonymousM Anonymous
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1 First impressions when arriving to live in the area. 1:17
2 Schools he went to and teachers. 1:15
3 The Dudbridge Donkey & Brimscombe Banker locos. 1:31
4 The shop in Dudbridge and the canal in the 1960s . 1:15
5 “Scouting for Boys” – or not in this case.. 1:04
anonymousM John
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1 As a retained fireman he attended to the Ritz fire, Bailey’s transport fire and Holloways too. He could tell a few stories! 1:29
2 Lewis’s van with an owl above the windscreen and the legend “I scream for Ice Cream”. 0:51
3 Remembering the New Inn in Selsley. 0:38