Musicians, poets and singers

 people who were spoken to at music venues like Folk at Frampton (Tues 8pm -Village Hall)
track description time Play
1 Schools in Ebley & Stonehouse, & teachers. 1:07
2 Kid’s games they played then. And sledding down Doverow Hill. 0:37
3 Shops and businesses in Ebley in the 1950’s & 1960’s 1:54
4 Woolworth & the Sub Rooms in the days of the Mods & Rockers. 1:35
5 Gill as a budding thespian and in the Brownies. 0:46
6 giving Audrey Butts dance school a miss, as a miss. 0:37
7 Stratford Park Lido, the Fair and the show. Gill was in her element. 1:37
8 Granny Ball’s sweet shop and her father. And Grandad drinking with Laurie Lee in Sheepscombe. 0:22
9 Visiting Edge and centenarian Aunts in Edge. 0:33
Jenny, born in Luton moved to Stroud during the war now living in Taunton. Recorded at the Sidmouth Folk Festival
anonymousF Jenny
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1 Jenny remembering Stratford Park Swimming Pool and her Uncle’s bakery. 1:05
2 her schooling in Stroud and the Ritz cinema. 1:11
3 her cousins in Kings Stanley and the aggressive cockerel. 0:42
HowardBeard Howard
Howard is a prolific author of many history books about the Stroud area eg Amberley Publishing (scan higher pages) & History Press
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1 Howard got the very first banana to arrive in Stroud after WW2. 0:28
2 What his first school was like in Thrupp, and teachers. 1:37
3 Living near the canal and when her bicycle hit a stone & aunt fell in the muddy canal. 1:42
4 Trains from Nailsworth & the railcar, the best way to transport aa cello as a boy. 1:02
5 Local policemen, and Baptist ministers. 1:16
6 Ritz fire, cafes in Stroud & the Capella Singers. 1:59
7 Shops in Stroud in the 1950s. West’s cafe Stranges greengrocers and the first supermarket arrives. 1:43
8 Memories of George and Dorcas Juggins. 1:30
9 Lunchtime darts and his connections with Laurie Lee. And he knew the Rosie of “Cider with Rosie”. 1:59