BettyMerrit Betty
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1 More on the Ritz fire – hubby leaves sick-bed to see the conflagration from Selsley. 1:29
2 Betty preferred the Gaumont Cinema. 1:00
3 a couple of vicars of Selsley Church. 0:52
4 Betty on the dress & shoe shops of Stroud in the 50’s. 1:40
5 and tells about the grocery shops. 1:19
6 The cafes of stroud. 1:04
Lionel was the curator of Stroud Museum when it was in Landsdown Rd.
anonymousM Lionel
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1 the Ritz cinema cat uses 3 lives: fire, falling masonry and a deluge of water. 0:50
2 Hill Paul cutting its cloth according to its measure – under steam. 1:57  
3 Hill Paul – the owners tale.  1:01  
anonymousM Paul
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1 His great Aunt sent here during WW2. 0:14
anonymousM Peter
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1 Peter lived 30 yards  from Downfield station & his wife had a door to door service to Gloucester. 0:14
anonymousF Anonymous9
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1 schooldays in Elmore, and always getting into trouble. 1:34
2 Learning to dance in Kay Virgo’s Dance School and dances at the Sub Rooms 0:46
3 Working on an early canal restoration project – only to have events take over. 0:18
4 Acting in the Cotswold Playhouse in the 1940s and 1950s. 1:01
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1 Working for the council and avoiding the traffic before the bypass was built. 0:51
2 Taking the children camping from the Quaker community in the area. 2:05
anonymousM Russel
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1 When he was minister for the Stroud Congregational Church. 1:07