anonymousF Mildred 1
track description time Play
1 Talking of the shops in Stroud in the 1930s 1:06
2 Stroud Cinemas in the 1930s 1:19
anonymousF Nancy
track description time Play
1 Pocket money & Sweets. School, teachers and childhood games. 1:39
2 Chapel. How she met her boyfriend. Her first job during WW2. Adopting children. 0:57
2 The canal, and why she wouldn’t have swum in it at Brimscombe if she knew! 1:58
anonymousM Godfrey
track description time Play
1  George & Dorcas Juggins, mushroom seller and schoolchildren’s donkey & cart taxi. 1:46
2  Longford Mill engines. Godfrey worked there as a maintenance engineer. 0:10  
3  Remembering local dialect. In the army during WW2. 1:17  
4  Rabbits Stew after WW2, and keeping pigs to eek out the ration. Curing the ham up the chimney. 1:59  
BettyChapman Betty
track description time Play
1 Bisley primary school and teachers. The vicar and the local bobby. 1:15
2 George & Dorcas at the New Inn Bisley. Ascension day celebrations there. 1:09
3 Shops in Bisley when Betty was young. Watching the blacksmith at work. 1:04
4 Remembering Bisley and work in a wholesalers. Her husband owned a delicatessen shop in Stroud. 1:00
5  Boyfriends with motorbikes – in the 1940s. 0:53