Kings Stanley

DavePhilips Dave
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1  Dave’s schools in Kings Stanley and the rec – recreation ground. 1:18
2  Teddy Ankers the strict teacher. His rules involved rulers! 1:15
3  Church and vicarage, Sunday school and working Sunday. And how to make sausages. 0:54
4  Finding an old stone loom weight. Weaving in Kings Stanley. 1:40
5  The village well and pump (on a tump). And water supply. 0:33
6  Billy Pierce’s butchers shop. And working all hours as a school kid. 1:31
7  More shops in Kings Stanley. The Red Lion pub. 1:08
8  the Old Post Office and the fish & chip shop 1:19
9  Sailing model boats and swimming along the canal at Stonehouse. 1:01
10  the long queues at the Ritz and watching Hamlet at the Gaumont cinemas. 0:45
11  Dave as a boss at Hobsons, builders and carpenters. Repairing and fixing Lodgemore Bridge on the canal. 2:16
12  repairing the leaking canal at Stonehouse Ocean, and the sluce gates on the river frome to maintain the canal level. 1:39
13 Taking over Hobsons builders. The joinery shop in the old canal building at Wallbridge lower lock. 2:01
14  Removing the massive crane pivot mounting for the Stroudwatrer wharf at Wallbridge 1:30