anonymousF Judy
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1 a practical joke at high school and games in primary school 0:41
anonymousF Joyce 2
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 2 Joyce’s early years in Minchinhampton. 1:40  
 3 Children’s games played in the 30s. 1:35  
 4 School and teachers in the 30s. 1:23  
 5 Minch Church  & Chapel and the vicar. 1:47  
 6 the non-conformist chapel group called “Hand of Friendship”. 0:26  
 7 Cherrington Lake was their version of the beach. 0:50  
8 When the Queen & princess Margaret came to Minchinhampton in the 30s, and the dog bites the mortorcycle outrider. 2:04
9 The cortege is still following the cows along Tetbury St. 1:28
10 How her mother came to Minchinhampton via a May Day hiring fair in Gloucester. 1:39
11 The Rag & Bone Man of Minchinhampton. 0:29
12 Singing around the piano at home. 0:32
13 The sow that farrowed in a bramble bush. 1:52
14  Mother is not impressed with the piglets, and cooks on a coal fired range. 1:38
15 Joyce’s brother 0:23
16 Joyce’s son 0:23
17 Various farmers around Minchinhampton. 1:39
18 Minch pubs & the non-smoking, non-drinking family. 0:56
19 How Joyce met her husband. 0:45
20 Merret’s bus services in Minchinhampton. 0:19
21 The stream that ran across the road. 0:49
22 the three ha’penney dances in the Market House. 0:32  
23 The Elephant the escaped the circus and ran amok in Minch. 0:41  
24 Work on the farm paid for the milk before & during WW2. And George & Dorcas were often seen in their cart here. 1:17  
25 Two quiet regular drinkers, who regularly quarreled as soon as they left the pub. 0:49  
Val2 (Joyce’s daughter-in-law) Val 2
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1 Head teacher at Randwick school took his cat to classes. And Miss Barton, the pot shot. 2:00
2 Games in the schoolyard. Country dancing in Minch Market House. 1:57
3 Sledging down the road in Randwick. 1:33
4 Making Palm Sunday crosses, Christingle Oranges and painting eggs. 1:19
5 Collecting dandelions to make wine. 0:40
6 Using granny’s “gamp” as a parachute. (& find out what a gamp is) 1:22
7  Mother makes the family clothes and for neighbours, and takes in washing. 1:00
8  Butter making, and taking off the cream of the milk. getting milk from  churn with a ladle. 2:04
9 Mother grew up alongside the canal and loved swans. 0:44
10  They are having chicken for supper tonight. 0:23
11  Randwick vicar, son of the Governor of Australia. 1:24
12  The Randwick copper, dogged personality. 1:06
13  The itinerant odd-job man and the knifegrinder. 1:21
14  Granpy’s allotment, the horse and collecting caterpillars. 1:38
15 Joyce told Val of a custom when they decorated a stone wall with Hawthorn blossom – which was called “May” in olden days because it bloomed in that month.  0:31  
DavidFletcher David Fletcher
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1 His school and teachers, games in the school yard. 1:11
2 The Brimscombe Youth Club and games they played on the common. And the punt on the canal beside the Polytechnic. 0:58
3 David’s work in the mills, and his uncle who was union organiser for the Dyers & Bleachers. 1:09
4 His father, who worked at Workman’s Sawmill, survived WW1 when his mates didn’t. 1:37
5 Prompted by the memory of the Coop horse & cart, David remembers other traders and the Rodborough May Walk.