Old Strouders

with many thanks to Jeff at Saydisc records for permission to publish this clip

George+Dorcas- George
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1 George & Dorcas on the benefits of Snuff and the dislike of the new-fangled electricity thingy. 0:56
Steve Hook was the son of “Lionel Hook & Sons”, his brother emigrated to Australia and in his retirement he made audio tapes to communicate to his brother. These are some of the more interesting (as an archive of life in 1969) thoughts and his reminiscences of much older people & happenings. There had been recent floods which affected the country and his old firm. There is a photo of Steve and it will appear when available.
StevesonHook Stevenson
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1 talking about Griffins Mill, former occupants and things made there. It is also a possible location for “Lionel Hook & Sons” to move to. 0:56
2 about a building used by Lionel Hook & Sons that had been a timber drying room and before that a stables for Holfords Timber Yard. 0:56
3 Heywards Field and the engineering works owned by Arthur Savage. Plus the next occupants. And Jeffrey’s Brick Works is mentioned. 0:56
4 Stroud Show, brick throwing, roller throwing etc. Holiday weeks time soon. And the unusual night shift needed to make production lost due to previous flooding at Lionel Hook & Sons. 0:56
5 talking about the flooding at Lionel Hook & Sons. 0:56
6 talking about how to drain the land at Lionel Hook & Sons. 0:56
7 the value of the properties at Lionel Hook & Sons. And how it had risen in 10 years 0:56