Paganhill+Whiteshill & Ebley

anonymousM Arthur
track description time Play
1 Games in the Paganhill area and the local policeman. 0:25
2 Buses and trains, and his family worked variously on both. The Weston super Mare excursion train. 1:00
3 More on the Dudbridge rail line and various stations along the main line. 1:36
4 The Brimscombe Banker described. His father was a guard on the local trains. 1:04
5 Memorable local events, like Bisley Well Dressing and Paganhill village fare. 1:52
6 Paganhill Maypole being replaced. 1:40
7 When the circus came to Cainscross, via Dudbridge Station. 1:09
8 Working for Gardiner and Sons, setting up the Postal buildings. Doing extra work for Christmas parcels. 2:01
MichaelDay Michael
track description time Play
1 Mr Townsend’s shoe and parafin shop in Ebley, the Dubdbridge Donkey and when the circus came to Victory Park. 1:25