Painswick & Pitchcombe

TedWhite Ted
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1 evacuated to Pitchcombe during WW2 1:59
2 How Ted’s mother & father met at Standish Hospital 1:07
3 Ted’s Grandfather played cricket for Gloucestershire County, as a bowler. Sam Brown. 0:37
4 Ted’s Grandmother was a drummer in the Hill Paul band. And he remembers a faggot shop near the Greyhound pub. 1:07
5 One or two of Ted’s jobs in the area. 0:21
JimSlade Jim
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 1 Jim recounts the days of Dorethea Drake, of Cranham, creates a traffic jam with her pony and trap.  1:17  
 2 the shop in Cranham, and the Black Horse.  1:19  
 3 Jim Drake and the two houses that were built in Cranham  1:56  
 4 Jim Drake and son Tony. Dairy farmer, milkman and snow clearer.  0:31  
 5 Ann, keen on horses, and the vicar of Cranham.  0:48  
 6 Dorethea Drake’s houses in Cranham.  1:44  
7 Tony Guy, Jim’s boyhood friend, animator of the film “Watership Down”, SuperTed and many others. Worked in the Animation studio of Anson Dyer in Stroud. Lived in Rodborough. 1:42
8 Tony Guy, as Jim new him in later years. 1:24
DavidTarratt David
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1 David talking about Bulls Cross in the 1960’s 1:52
2 on his work and people he knew through being a founding member of the Sheepscombe cricket club. 1:23
3 and he was also a founding member of the Aston Down gliding club. 1:16