anonymousMF Mr&Mrs
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1 Fishing out beer and pop bottles from the canal at Walbridge and taking them back to shops to get the deposit back – 1950s version of earning pocket money. 1:24
2 Getting stuck in the mud at Walbridge Dock. 0:37
3 Fishing in Walbridge Lock, the army lorry crashing into the iron railings and Uncle’s failed attempt at boat building. 1:27
4 Do you know where ” Murder Lane ” is? Listen in. 0:54
5 Trains and the Brewery. And how clean was the Slad Brook? er… 1:38
6 Rodborough schools & Black Boy school, teachers and warm 1/3 of a pint of milk. 1:53
7 Stratford Park outdoor pool was cold in the 1950s (plus ca change). 1:05
GlendaCombe Glenda
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1 Rodborough church and Sunday school in the Endowed school. 0:38
2 The circus comes to town and the Stroud show. 1:01
3 Infant school when she was not allowed out to play. 1:42
4 Games in the schoolyard and in the lane. 2:22
5 German exchange students in her teens. 1:02
6 Mr Snake pays a visit! 0:37
7 Ex-Ship Inn at Wallbridge where Glenda’s mother lived. And the rainbow river. 1:57
8 Day trips to visit family in Weston super Mare. & Winstone’s ice cream. 1:18
9 The house -Dinsdale had no electricity for many years. 0:37
10 The new fangled gas iron, & the gas boiler. 1:48
11 Simple but effective – the larder, but no phone! 0:55
12 Electricity installed in 1958. Outside loo until 1970. 0:52
13 The Dudbridge Donkey steams behind her house. 0:27
14 The privy with dual seats! 0:21
15 Grocery deliveries and electricity comes in glass boxes. 1:28
16 Father goes on a secret mission in WW2. He worked at Wallers. 1:01
17 A young policeman lived next door who was eventually in charge of the Fred West investigation. 0:59
18 Glenda as a Greek Goddess in the town carnival. 1:05
19 A few shops in Stroud town. 1:07
20 Working at Batemans on Saturdays in the toy department. 1:58
21 The Ritz in her courting days, before the fire. 1:20
22 The Flamingo Grill and music at the Sub Rooms. 1:25
23 The Salvation Army holds a service on May Day. 0:40
 KeithGlover Keith
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1 Mother queuing for food for 3 hours in WW2. Off ration rabbit and chicken. Home gaurd patrolling and the “blackout”. 2:05
2 Boxing Day food parcels in Stroud in the 1940s 0:58
3 Christmas decorations in the shops. Granny Balls sweet shop where you could buy a pennyworth of bits. Bainbridge butchers were relatives, & cigarette packets from the tobacconist. 1:49
4 Keith’s first school run by the nuns. Sister Wallberger and Mr Martin administering discipline. Find out what a tawse is. 1:21
5 Milk delivery from the churn in the 1940s by Mr Wheeler by horse and cart. 0:23
6 The local blacksmith Mr Dangerfield. & some of the horse and carts to be seen in the 1940s. 1:53
7 Selling rabbit skins to the “skin yard” at the top of town for tuppence a skin. 0:33
8 Father who fought in WW2 and never came back. Mother working at Critchley Brothers. 1:12
9 Grandfather Alfred George Dowling served in the Boer War and WW1 and never spoke about the war. 2:42
10 Keith lived in Straford Rd near Townsend Mill, and the German & Italian POW’s working there. 1:02
11 Townsend Mill was very dark and dusty in the 1940s. 0:52
12 The Youth Club at school. Scout playing “wide games” a bit like orienteering – find the camp fire. 1:06
13 Priests at Beeches Green Church 0:20
14 Gentlemen of the road washing in the “brook” (aka Painswick Stream) and the canal & Ship pub in Stonehouse. 1:05
15 Mr Martin’s lessons about the American Civil War. 0:37
16 Train spotting at Standish junction and day trips to Weston. 0:35
17 When the Nelson Hotel was a school, 40/50 people ice skating on the Stratford Park Lake. Remembering Pucks Hole Harbour and Cuckoo’s Brook. 1:20
18 The wash house & toilet in Townsend Mill cottages. 0:42
19 the policeman directing traffic at the “Town Time”. “Banger” by name. The Dainty brothers & the Painswick Inn family. 1:32
20 Announcing the election results from the balcony at the Sub Rooms 0:56
21 The Country Dance group at school. & St Roses next door. The May Procession at Beeches Green. 0:45
22 Paganhill Festival led by dairyman Mr Wheeler & the Ruscombe Fife & Drum band. Dancing round the Maypole with ribbons in the 1940s 1:03
23 The Queen of the May – a song Keith collected from his Mother in Law, Granny Rose. 1:48
24 The ” Rolling of the Fire Barrels ” in the High Street. 1:06
25 The May Procession around Beeches Green in the 1940s. 0:49
26 Pig Face Sunday. Putting a pig’s head on the wall in Avening. Giving out cheese at Randwick after the procession. 1:17
27 Keith has a go at making music in the 1950s. & the Folk CLub in the Railway in Stroud in the 1960s 0:44
28 Bill Rogers running the Cotswold Folk Band, organist at the Catholic Church. Husband of Mrs Rogers headmistress. 1:19
29 Dialect sayings remembered from the 1940s living near the “pitch”. 0:56
30 The 14c Abbey opposite Stratford Park was a school before WW2 & a film animation studio during. 1:17
31 Where the buses started from in the 1940s. Going to get a Winstones Ice Cream 0:48
32 Aston Down Air Show 0:20
33 The Stroud Show and the carnival with floats. The Chalford Stick Company where George Juggins worked. 1:07
34 Stroud pubs and the market at the Pinswick Inn. Laurie Lee’s parents ran a pub in Sheepscombe. 1:31
35 Cinemas. The Ritz run by a man with a wax moustache & monocle. The Guamont minors. Sneaking in to the adult showing. 1:38
36 Keith as a train spotter in Stonehouse. & the Egyption refugees in Stonehouse. 1:11
37 The Regal cinema, Stonehouse. When the trains went past. There with his girlfriend age 15. 0:59
38 Keiths first job in Lansdown Creamery. Saving to travel the world. 1:04
39 Meeting Laurie Lee when Keith was an character in “Cider with Rosie”, hiding his long hair (the fashion of the time). 0:57
40 Dancing Morris on May Day on Rodborough Common when apparitions appear out of the mist! 1:02
41 Keith as Town Crier of Randwick, Oh Yey! Oh Yey! & Mayor for a year. The Wap revived by the vicar. 1:47
42 The sports centre and the Lido at Stratford Park, the water was cold! Learning to ride a bike on the bandstand. Collecting walnuts. 1:14
43 Stratford Abbey School and the Issaci sisters who ran it 1:50
44 more talk about the Abbey School and the spinsters 0:56
45 Chipperfield’s circus comes to Victory Park 0:23
46 Dagenham Girl Pipers come to play in Stroud 0:34
47 Keith acts as an extra to the movie “ Custard for Cupid ” 1:10
48 when George Orwell stayed in Cranham Sanitorium. Reg Hannis owned the saw mill and was a musician 1:07
49 Laurie Lee’s mother running the Plough pub in Sheepscombe 0:33
50 collecting rose hips to make rose hip syrup 1:02
51 a story in dialect 0:41
52 collecting wood from Hawkswood College for fuel 0:38
PeterMorton Peter
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1 Searching for a sword stick for most of his life until Stroud did him proud. 1:49

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1 Lionel talking to his son ( in 1974 ) about transport in the Stroud valleys in days of yore . Times have changed , yet again ! 0:43
2 talking about methods of heating rooms before WW2 0:39
3 talking about gas street lighting before WW2 1:01
4 talking about cars that Lionel saw in Stroud before WW2 0:42